Mint to be released Nov 9th, 2022
Mint to be released Nov 9th, 2022

Mint and collect the rising stars of the NFT art world! ✨

Nominated by their peers, we present the first ever official rookie cards for emerging artists.

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About MojoHeads

Careful thought and planning goes into each MojoHead! Here are the 6 traits that make every MojoHead come to life.

Justin Aversano, Creator of Twin Flames
Avatar Expression
There are 36 different expressions ranging from common, to rare, to epic.
QR Code
Each NFT contains a personalized QR code forwarding to the artist profile.
There are 16 unique backgrounds ranging from common to fancy.
About 1 in 5 NFTs contain a special artist signature in the lower right corner.
There are 8 unique frames ranging from common to fancy.
Name Plate
There are 4 different colored plates that correspond to the overall rarity score.

A unique collectible showcasing the beautiful faces of the art world.

Handcrafted and assembled

Designed by the senior team at JoyPixels! We use the same process when designing emoji to create each MojoHead.

Minting 20+ artists every month

A supply of ~500 NFTs will be released monthly (21 per artist).  Future MojoHeads will be selected by the previous group.

Exclusive access and airdrops

Each MojoHead NFT unlocks exclusive access to our Discord owners lounge, free NFT airdrops, and presale benefits.

Re-investing in the community

20% of the proceeds (excluding artist royalty)  forward to a reserve fund used exclusively to re-invest back into the art community.

Why are we doing this?

A simple mission, help artists be seen.

We believe in artists. They’re humble, kind, gifted individuals. If you’ve never purchased NFT art from an independent creator, you‘re missing out on an experience you won’t forget. Art is personal. Art is emotional. It’s not just a pretty JPG. It’s so much more than that. Its beauty, freedom, self expression, purpose, and often validation. There’s no community on earth like it. It's our mission to expose the true magic behind these amazing creators and their personal artwork.

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Mint Schedule

Total supply for this release is 588 MojoHead NFTs!

November 9th, 9:30 PDT

VIP Access Pass

Must redeem pass within 24hrs of start time.

0.15 ETH Ξ

November 9th, 9:30 PDT

Priority Access Pass

Must redeem pass within 24hrs of start time.

0.2 ETH Ξ

November 10th, 9:30 PDT

Public Sale

The remaining MojoHeads will be available to the general public.

0.25 ETH Ξ

Date TBD

VIP Access

1 mint per VIP Pass. Must use pass within 72 hrs.

Price TBDΞ

Date TBD

Priority Access

1 mint per Priority Pass. Must use pass within 48 hrs.

Price TBDΞ

Date TBD

Public Sale

Remaining supply available to public until sold out.

Price TBDΞ
🎟 Presale passes are available for purchase on OpenSea!
Available on OpenSea

Group C

The amazing artists selected for the second release! A total of 588 NFTs (28 artists x 21 expressions) minting April 5th.  

No items found.


A growing list of answers to frequently asked questions.

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I'm an artist; how do I become a MojoHead?
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What utility will my MojoHead have?
What's the total royalty percentage for secondary sales?
When are the NFTs revealed?
Why is there a QR code on the NFTs?
Is there a MojoHeads roadmap?
How do I contact the team at MojoHeads?


The amazing JoyPixels team and its project advisors. Everyone at JoyPixels has an important role in creating and managing MojoHeads.

Design Manager
Licensing Director
Marketing Manager
Product Designer
Legal Advisor
Amateo Ra
Yo Sub Kwon
Technical Advisor

“I began collecting NFT art for enjoyment.  I quickly realized the real magic are the humans behind the art.  It’s time we show them how much they’re appreciated!”

Moby, Co-Founder

Strategic Partners

A growing list of amazing projects we’ve aligned with.

MojoLive Live Podcast

✨ Special Guest: Gary V ✨

Recorded Nov 17, now available on Discord


🎙 Every Wed at 9am PST (5pm UTC)

Being active with our community is a top priority!!  Every MojoLive we make big product announcements, giveaway free NFTs, and engage directly with you. ❤️

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The MojoHeads Discord community is growing fast with nearly 2000 members!  Here you'll find the most up to date news and the most recent announcements.  Join the family and help support artists worldwide.
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Here is our Roadmap

We're at the beginning of our project.

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